Super-charge your development

Reduce the cost of developing and maintaining backend architecture.

LeanCloud is a complete and mature solution for both the stateless and stateful components of your backend. We are already trusted by 180,000+ developers in Asia, including Google, Uber, Philips, etc. Now our service is available to the global market.

Complete serverless backend


Store and access data on-demand directly from the client side. Focus on growth and your users' experience, and let us handle stability and elasticity.


Develop server-side logic using Python, Node, Java, or PHP and deploy to LeanCloud's container-based infrastructure.

Instant messaging

Connect your users with realtime messages, with out-of-the-box support for text, images, videos, and filtering. With the LeanEngine integration, you can process every message however you want.

A complete solution for games

LeanCloud Play makes developing games much easier with solutions for realtime matches, room/player matching, and ranking.

Support all major platforms

We provide native SDK for all major platforms to facilitate integration and reduce time to market.

Fast access for the global audience

The same services can be deployed in multiple regions to minimize latency and maximize availability.

Flexible pricing and deployment options

No matter what product you're building or how large your company is, we have a solution for you.


Free for personal and prototype-stage projects.


High-performance, high-availability business solution for your online products.


Tailor-made for your specific deployment requirements.

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